Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review: digi.kaf

174 St Johns Rd,

M-F: 7-4
Sa: 8-4
Su: 9-3

digi.kaf is a bit of an old favourite with Squeak and I. Sometimes amongst the monotony of many Sydney cafes it is refreshing to come acrosss a place that serves interesting breakfast options.  Don't get me wrong, we love the old fave's as well as anybody (if done well) but really a bit of variety is needed also. digi.kaf is the place to go if you are after something a little different.

digi.kaf is off the main shopping strip of Glebe, on St Johns Road, and it really is a pleasant little spot.  Walking in, the service is always quite friendly, especially by the gentleman we assume is the owner. Welcoming, but not intrusive. You can sit in the front area, or up the stairs towards the back where they also have an internet cafe.  On the one time we've used that service, the prices seemed pretty reasonable.

Often waitstaff do kind of pounce on you to order your drinks without even having an opportunity to peruse the options, but I supoose most people know if they want a coffee or not... so we cannot be too picky. I order a flat white, and Squeak goes for the expected green tea.

So... the menu.. which is quite long. There are such traditional offerings as Eggs Benedict, Bacon & Eggs (called the 'net surfer'), and omelettes (called, but for Squeak - she really cannot go past the Potato and Cheese Pancakes. These are served either as a single or double and are accompanied by crispy bacon and sour cream.  Squeak has ordered these more times than she cares to remember and she has tweaked her order to include 'extra cheese'.  This in reality means that extra cheese is placed in the pan, so when cooked, a delicious cheese crust forms. They really do need the sour cream, as the pancakes are on the thick side, so the sour cream provides much needed moisture, and we have always felt that they might benefit from a side of salsa. It's a big serve (you know that Squeak went for the double serve), and Squeak struggles to get through, and in actual fact, I had to help her out.  I know - I deserve a medal!

I have traditionally ordered the Mexi-brekkie. This may sound odd to some (including Squeak), but it has flour tortillas with scrambled eggs, diced avocado, corn/capsicum salsa and sour cream.  You can also opt for a side of crispy bacon with it, which I do. The tortillas are delicious and really are a preferred alternative to thick toast.  The avocado can be a bit hit and miss depending on ripeness, but the salsa works really well with everything else.  I do like this breakfast, and I like the fact it is different to most others you see around, but I do suspect that one of the newer menu offerings - like the Quesadillas (stuffed with refried beans, cheese and capsicum) served with scrambled eggs, sour cream, spicy tomato salsa and rocket - have taken over in the flavour stakes.

So all in all, digi.kaf is a great little cafe that really tries hard to create interesting breakfast offerings; the serves are generous, the service efficient and friendly and the vibe is .... well - Glebe! It isn't a cheap morning meal... be warned. Two meals with coffees can venture into $40, but free coffee vouchers are readily distributed when you pay your bill... so that certainly adds to the incentive to return.
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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Looks good!

LottieP said...

Never been here, for the completely shallow reason that I hate the name, but will certainly try it now.