Monday, April 26, 2010

Review : Cafe New Deli

181 Marrickville Rd

Buggles and Squeak have a favourite breakfast/lunch cafe and that is the wonderful Bar Mattino. So every cafe we visit is measured against it.

Did Cafe New Deli measure up?....

No it didn't. There is nothing to complain about when it comes to the food, nor the menu (which does offer something other than standard cafe fare)....but there is nothing to really
rave about either.

It is certainly a welcome addition to the 'Marrickville Cafe Desert'. The cafe itself is quite clean, with seating inside & out front. The tables can be a little cramped inside & it can get quite crowded on weekends.

There is a huge selection of 'homemade' cakes & brownies. We have sampled both a carrot cake & a cheesecake, both of which failed to deliver, the carrot cake in particular was VERY dry & the icing too sweet & not cream cheesy enough.

On this visit Buggles ordered the Breakfast Bruschetta....Tomato, Chorizo, Bocconcini & Basil all sitting atop garlic rubbed sourdough...sounds good right? Yes & no. The flavours were good but the balance was all wrong. The huge mound of tomato dominated the dish as did the over abundance of garlic rubbed into the sourdough. While enjoyed at the time, Buggles doesn't think she would order it again.

I am a huge Eggs Benedict fan so I opted for this. I like my Benedict with  bacon & lashings of hollandaise. I have to say that this was pretty good (note to Matt). The bacon was crispy & the cafe made hollandaise had just the right amount of zing....and there was a lot of it. The eggs were beautifully soft & oozy.

They also make a really mean pot of T2 Liqourice Legs tea...which I just love.

The service can be a little slow depending on how busy they are, but on the whole it is pretty good.

This is definitely a local cafe we will visit again, it certainly is a standout in Marrickville.


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Anonymous said...

Agree with your findings average food poor service