Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review : Clipper Cafe

16 Glebe Point Road

 7 days 6am-6pm

We have been hearing good things about Clipper Café for a long while now and as such have made a couple of attempts to visit.

We tried mid week, we tried weekend and all to no avail as the place is always packed.

So, it is 8 o’clock Sunday morning and we are heading off to Leichhardt, we can’t think of anywhere to stop for breakfast & then we remember….Clipper Café.
We arrive & all the outside seating is taken - this does not bode well. However on glancing through the front window, we can’t believe it, the place is practically empty.

We grab a table & perch on a couple of high stools (Buggles & Squeak are vertically challenged, so high stools scare us a little), order coffee & look over the menu.

The first thing that needs to be said....Clipper Café is quite fresh & clean, which is a nice thing for Glebe.

The menu is relatively interesting and a few different offerings catch our eye.

Buggles final settles on Baked eggs with lamb sausages. The dish isn't great to look at, but thankfully it tastes a lot better. Buggles thinks the eggs could be runnier, but the rich tomato sauce is full of flavour & the sausages are juicy & meaty, so it is a minor complaint. The accompanying toast is nicely herbed & is wonderful for mopping up the remaining sauce.

Eggy crumpets with maple syrup & a side of bacon take my fancy. The crumpets have a good eggy coating & are drenched in maple syrup. The bacon however, is for me, a little disappointing. Clipper Cafe only use the 'eye' of the bacon, I much prefer the long, fatty end bit that crisps up nicely thanks to all the fat. Still it was a very enjoyable brekky.

Service is friendly & somewhat cheeky.

We are glad we finally made it to Clipper Cafe; they do offer some different breakfast options & we look forward to visiting again.


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john@heneedsfood said...

It has been many months since I was last here, eating a tasty breakfast of baked eggs and sausage. Sadly the experience still hasn't made it to being shown on my blog!