Friday, July 29, 2011

Review : Bench Wine Bar

503-511 King Street

Wednesday-Friday from 5pm
Saturday-Sunday from 4pm

We are catching up again with C1 & C2 and alas, once again, C2 is absent (we are starting to feel a tad paranoid!).
The three of us decide that some wine/cocktails & a few share plates are just what the doctor ordered! So it's off to Bench we go.

Finally! a drinking establishment in Newtown that seems to cater for us (ok, mainly me), the more geriatric set. I look around and I feel positively in 'bloom' again.

It is very pleasant indeed walking into this sleek, dimly lit bar. It is tiny, granted, but also very inviting.
We grab a spot at the end of the long communal bench, order a cocktail each and decide on what plates to share.
 Cocktails knocked back, we order a couple of Pinot Grigios and a Sauvignon Blanc and before long our first plate arrives.

The olives are delicious, a great selection from tiny ones through to big, fat stuffed ones.

Next the Chorizo with red peppers really hits the spot. Mildly spiced sausage, sweet, juicy peppers. You can ask for no more....

....unless of course it is the Gorgonzola Dolce Pots with Rose Jelly & Muscatels. The rich, creamy, bluey gorgonzola has great flavour as does the rose jelly; smeared together on some toasted soudough, they are a match made in heaven (well, my sort of heaven anyway).

The Vintage Cheddar with Honeyed Macadamias and Marinated Figs, is another sensational combination. The sharp cheddar is balanced beautifully by the sweetness of the figs and macadamias.

Oh no, we are not done yet (well C1 is, but not Buggles and Squeak). Next up is a plate of 3 mini pizzas....Turkey, Cranberry & Spanish Onion; Tomato & Mozzerella and 3 Cheese.
This is the disappointing plate of the evening, more so because the owners of Bench also own Pizza Picasso, so you would think that pizza would be their thing.
Unfortunately, the topping sits on a bruschetta type bread & not a thin pizza dough. The toppings are ok, but the bread really spoils it.

Bench Wine Bar is certainly a great addition to the King Street landscape. They have a great selection of  Australian & New Zealand Wines (with a few Europeans thrown in) and a good mix of cocktails & share plates. Service is friendly, yet professional.

So as we take our leave....C1, being on holidays, would love to kick on to the 'Sly Fox'; as it is a school night however, Buggles and Squeak head home.

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john@heneedsfood said...

This is a top little watering hole and the great thing is that geriatrics like us don't have to listen to the young ones babble on about nonsense. Pity about the pizza

Buggles and Squeak said...

John, I couldn't agree more...