Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review : Milkbar Memories - March 17 2012, Ms G's (March into Merivale)

155 Victoria Street,

Potts Point

8313 1000

Friday 12pm - 3pm
Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Monday to Sunday 5pm – 11pm
Bar opens until late

So the time has come to attend event 3 of 'our' March into Merivale season - Milkbar Memories. Today we make a return visit to Ms G's, where just two weeks ago we hit an all time sugar high at the 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory' lunch.

This time we grab one of the tables for two upstairs (we are not fans of communal dining), and checking the menu has us very excited for what we have in store.

To kick things off we have a choice of either a vanilla or chocolate milkshake or the Ms G's Famous Yuzu slushee (Limoncello, Russian Standard vodka, yuzu juice, Regan’s orange bitters) - never ones to knock back alcohol, we go for the slushee.
One word - FANTASTIC. Very resfreshing with a real citrus hit. Love it.

Next up we have 'Potato scallop' and kransky, tomato vinaigrette.
This is amazing. the raw scallop (not the potato variety), is topped with potato chip crumbs and is absolutely heavenly. The kransky is meaty with a mild flavour that doesn't overpower the scallop at all, while the vinaigrette has slight acidity with a nice chilli hit. The three elements combined make for a glorious mouthful.

Chiko roll and chicken dim sim - another winner. I love the chiko roll batter, kind of crunchy and chewy all at the same time. The vegie interior is really tasty & the dim sim is plump full of meat with a sweet chilli burst. So good.

Time for another cocktail each and this time I go with Pina ‘Pearls’ Colada(Appleton VX & Havana Club Blanco rum, pineapple, coconut, yogurt sorbet, green pearls) and Buggles decides on Good Morning Vietnam (Shochu, raspberries, lime, palm sugar, Vietnamese mint, soda) - both are divine.

Chip- crusted prawns consists of three meaty prawns each topped with a different 'crust' - doritos, burger rings and chicken twisties. Great concept. I am not a huge fan of prawns generally, I find them a little bland - have to say though, I love the addition of the crumbs.

Mini Aussie burgers with home made fries. This burger is sensational. The meat is cooked medium rare and it is really flavoursome and juicy. The cute little quail? egg is a nice addition & the brioche bun is perfect for soaking up all the juices. The chips are wonderful and to be honest I could have done with a lot more of these.

Finally, dessert brings us Monaco Bar x Golden Gaytime. Take two already great ice creams & make them better! This is basically the cakey, biscuity exterior  of a Monaco bar stuffed full of toffee ice cream with a rich seam of toffee caramel; there is also a sprinkling of the crunchy biscuit pieces - we love every bit of it.

Both Buggles and I found this to be the best of the Merivale events we have attended. While we thought the food at the American Diner Degustation was fantastic, we really felt it missed the mark. There were elements we enjoyed at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory event - however, we were quite disappointed overall. Milkbar Memories was a resounding success from beginning to end. The theme was really, really well executed & the food was thoroughly enjoyable. I hope they do it again next year.

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gastronomous anonymous said...

that was quick! bummed that i missed this but everything looks fantastic! i've always been a big fan of Dan Hong's burger - especially at lotus! it looks SOOOOO GOOD!

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Wow, cool idea! Love the dessert.

chocolatesuze said...

how amazing was the dessert!!! 5 more please :P

Buggles and Squeak said...

Dessert was spectacular! Loved that thick caramel!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a fun event. As a milk bar regular I must say that the chip prawns intrigued me!