Sunday, April 1, 2012

Review : Double Roasters

199 Victoria Rd,
ph. 02 9572 7711

7 days 6am-3pm

For a while now we have been passing by a cafe called Double Roasters, intrigued by its exterior we have often said "we must pop in". Today is the day we do.

We actually live only about 5 minutes away from Double Roasters, so have no idea why it has taken us this long to visit. Well, we did make an attempt a few weeks ago, but the cafe was packed and we weren't up to waiting for a table.

So up at the crack of dawn, we are sure this early hour will reward us with a table at this very popular Marrickville cafe.

The cafe isn't huge, so understand why it fills up so quickly, but we score a table relatively easily.
It is a comfortable space, with that warehousey, industrial feel that we love.

We order a cup each of single origin, terroir specific coffee (fantastic by the way) and look over the small, but delicious sounding menu.

Buggles decides on Sauteed field mushrooms on sourdough topped with pecorino.
The mushrooms are abundant, plump and quite enjoyable. The generous serve of pecorino with its slight saltiness really complements the rich, earthiness of the mushrooms.

As I have mentioned before I love a good 'croque'. Normally, I will substitute bacon for ham, but on this occasion the option is not available to me (that's right a cafe that doesn't serve bacon!!).

Still I can't resist....and thank god I don't.

This is the Croque Monsieur of Croque Monsieurs. The ham is actually quite tasty and there is just the right amount of it- but let's face it, a croque is all about the cheese.

Let me just say this croque oozes cheese, it is luxuriant!
Spectacularly grilled on topped, my first bite reveals its lush exterior. With each mouthful I can feel my ateries hardening and my ever expanding girth....expanding further.

I love every mouthful of this magnificent sandwich.

As I partake of my last divine bite, I notice the cafe has pretty much filled up...and now I know why.

Thank you Double Roasters, your work here is done.

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