Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Blacksheep

256 King Street

Mon - Sat: 12pm - midnight
Sun: 10am - 10pm

8033 3455

Blacksheep is a relatively recent addition to King St, taking over where Funky Bar ended. Newtown can be an interesting place to eat. For a long time it has seemed that the food had to be secondary to the company. Now with the recent openings of places like Bloodwood, Hartsyard and Spencer Guthrie we can happily start to enjoy both. Blacksheep isn't attempting to be a fine diner; it kind of wedges in nicely between casual cafe and restaurant and offers a variety of share plates - which works well for us prior to a spontaneous Dendy visit.

The fit out is pretty similar to the old Funky Bar - moody and dim and, despite the fact that it is quite a large space, there aren't a huge number of tables. Today though we are the only ones in - probably because it is still pretty early.  Not being sure of portion sizes, and due to the fact that we are tempted by quite a number of dishes, we probably over order. 

The Spicy Wings with dipping sauce are an absolute must. They are hot, uber-crispy and moist inside which is what we like. There is a nice hit of spiciness to them and coupled with the dipping sauce  they start us off very nicely.

The mini corn cobs are fantastic! The corn is sweet and crunchy and the chipotle mayo and cheese that lay atop the cobs add some smoky heat.  They're really good.

The curly fries that emerge are crunchy examples of deliciousness and certainly abound in quantity. Can you go wrong with fried potato? Probably - but not here.

We did decide that some greenery is important so order the Broccolini with goat cheese and almonds and it is fresh and well cooked. Not a lot more to say - if you like broccoli you'll like it, if you don't - you won't.

The Pulled Beef roll with a reduction sauce has Squeak's name written all over it and we are very surprised at how large it is when it arrives. The sauce is needed to give it moisture and a little more flavour. Overall we are a little disappointed with it. A little bland, and too much bread.

The sliders promise much, but we are left a little disappointed with these also. The haloumi one isn't really cooked well so it is a bit rubbery and the other two are okay, but nothing to write home about (I actually think the Event Cinemas Gold Class Sliders are better!)

We are well and truly stuffed (and yes, I promise we didn't finish it all!) so dessert is well and truly not an option.

The verdict on Blacksheep? We probably wouldn't order the beef roll or sliders again, but the other dishes were so tasty that we certainly plan to return next time we want to have a quick bite before a flick.

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

We found the pulled beef roll pretty bland too, but loved the other dishes like the chicken wings, salt and pepper squid, and of course the curly fries!

Anonymous said...

This must have been an old review? The menu has changed about and features neither the pulled beef roll or the sliders mentioned here. We loved everything we had and also the mulled wine and hot buttered rum. Fantastic cocktails before a Dendy visit.

Buggles and Squeak said...

Yep 'anonymous'.. review is a few weeks old... good to hear about the cocktails... love a good cocktail!