Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: St Jude

728 Bourke Street

Ph: 93103523

7am - late afternoon daily

After our recent amazing experience at Reuben Hills, the hunt was on for yet another cafe to tickle our taste buds.

We had passed by St Jude on a few occasions, however today, we decide to stop.
It is relatively early (around 8), so the cafe is pretty empty and we score a table very easily.

The menu, while not huge, offers some interesting choices and today Buggles decides on the Sweet Corn and Pumpkin Fritters served with a soft poached egg, avocado cream, hollandaise, shaved zucchini and baby spinach salad.

The Fritters are crunchy on the outside, yet lovely and creamy within. The egg is perfectly poached and the hollandaise adds a lovely, lemony zing. Buggles did add a side of sausage to the mix, which is plump, juicy and delicious! 
All up Buggles is pretty impressed.

I too, am pretty impressed with my choice of Two Soft Boiled Eggs rolled in poor man's parmesan and bacon bread crumbs, served with toast, butter and tomato relish, I also add a side of hash brown and mushrooms.
I absolutely love the 'crumb' encasing the luscious soft eggs, although as is always the case with me, the more parmesan the better - so it could do with more throughout the crumb. The relish is rich and thick and has a great tomato flavour. I also love the hash brown which crispily golden on the outside and soft within. 

The service is quick and friendly and the coffee and chai are pretty good as well.

The only letdown is the takeaway chocolate brownie, which has a weird texture and almost no chocolate flavour.

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Love the pumpkin fritters here. Must go back one morning. :-)