Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: Old Town in Newtown

503 King Street


Tues - Thurs & Sun: 5pm - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 9am - 11pm

02 9557 4339

It is a cold and wintry night in what had been a cold and wintry week. There is just something about this kind of weather that just screams for Italian comfort food, so we decide to make the long trek back to the old stomping ground and give the Old Town in Newtown a go.

The Old Town is on King Street, but down towards the New Theatre and Pastizzi Cafe end. The place is pretty empty when we arrive but some tables start to fill as the evening progresses. The Old Town calls itself a cafe as opposed to a restaurant and the interior does feel more like that. Some homey touches suit the style of food though.

We decide to just order a few things and share it all, so start with the herbed ricotta and porcini mushroom bruschetta.  The mushrooms are delicious and abundant but the ricotta could be a little more herby..still it is a good start.

Ever since we tried the polenta with gorgonzola sauce at Cafe Sopra... we've been hooked (including some quite successful homemade variations) so we simply have to try the the Old Town's offering. Presentation is cute and the crisp on the outside polenta with the deeply delicious gorgonzola sauce is very good. 

Next up we share the beef carpaccio which is served with greens, mushrooms, parmesan and finger limes (which I LOVE!). It is meaty and light at the same time with a bit of a different take on flavours than we have had in the past with carpaccio.

The wagyu steak with salsa verde is served with some very moreish hand cut chips and aioli. The steak is really cooked beautifully with some of those nice charred bits that add great flavour. The salsa verde is also excellent - nice and sharp.

We then share a tiramisu. The fact there is no photo is really just a testament to our gluttony, rather than anything else. Flavour is great... boozy! But the inside is a bit too liquid... the sponge hasn't soaked up enough of it which is a shame.

Overall the Old Town in Newtown hit the spot and we are quite likely to return when the desire for some comfort Italian food strikes.

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