Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review: Blancharu by Yomo

Shop 1
21 Elizabeth Bay Road

Elizabeth Bay, 2011

P: 02-9360 3555

Lunch Mon- Sat 12-2 pm
Dinner Mon- Sat 6- 10pm

Haru Inukai has left the building, preferring to concentrate his efforts on a ramen outlet at Sussex Centre Food Court. 
Masahiko Yomoda has taken over the reins - hence, we have Blancharu by Yomo.

Tonight we are embarking on a 5 course tasting menu and are looking forward to the Japanese/French fusion.

An amuse bouche of crunchy puffed rice kicks things off - not big on flavour, yet still incredibly moreish - must be a textural thing.

Next, Mirrin infused egg yolk with truffle polenta, serrano ham and parmesan foam is to die for. The deep, earthy richness of the truffle is front and centre, offset by the subtle saltiness of the ham and parmesan and the creaminess of the perfectly cooked egg yolk.

Truffle infused kumara gnocchi with a citrus sauce, is less successful. The truffle flavour is quite subdued and the gnocchi are more polenta-ish in texture. A good dish, not a great dish.

Soupe a l'oignon with beef cheek, is a relatively bland affair. The dark broth promises much and delivers little - the small chunks of beef cheek also offer very little on the flavour front.

Le canard with dukkah and jus is nice and pink with a crispy exterior. The dukkah adds a little nutty spiciness to the dish. Buggles enjoys this dish quite a lot.

Wagyu Flank a la Plancha with garden vegetables and ponzu is very tasty. The combination of leanness with some marbling is interesting and as a cut the flank does have great flavour; cooked on a sizzling hot cast iron skillet is definitely the best way to enjoy it. The garden vegetables are served inside a bone - if there is marrow there as well it is not apparent.

The selection of cheese is fairly uninspired and is that a 'salada' a spy!

Dessert a la Yomo is a creme brulee, which is more like a rice pudding topped with green tea ice cream. Once again not entirely successful flavour wise, but still quite enjoyable. Buggles, a fan of rice pudding generally, enjoys this quite a lot.

The service is pretty good and the waitstaff are very friendly. The food had some highs and lows so I think a return visit may be on the cards.

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Mr C @ The Food Diary said...

I've always been meaning to come here, they had some pretty interesting dishes on their menu. Love the creme brulee!

karl said...

this is a great place to eat

Unknown said...

Haru Kai? Never heard this before! I want to try eating there so soon.