Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review : Firefly Tapas and Wine Bar

Pier Seven, 17 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay, Sydney NSW 2000

Trading from 5pm Mondays
and noon till late Tues to Sat

Buggles and Squeak were venturing off to see 'Long Day's Journey into Night' (and can I say, what a very long journey it was!) on this cold winter's eve, normally our pre theatre dinner is had at Ventuno....tonight we try Firefly.
 Firefly is tiny, it possibly seats 40 people. We secure a table for 2 (thanks to a prior booking) under the much needed heaters. We are always up for a tapas style menu & love the idea of several smaller meals to share.

The Firefly menu isn't large, but a few things catch our eye.
We decide on:

PARMESAN & THYME TARTLETS with red onion jam
PANFRIED HALOUMI w preserved lemon, parsley & pomegranate molasses

The first to arrive is the Haloumi. It is obvious straight away that the haloumi has taken a while to get to us, it is starting to develop a 'rubber' like consistency & has lost all ooze. Four thick chunks of haloumi are topped with mint & lemon rind & surrounded by a sweet pomegranate molasses. While a little chewy, the haloumi is still very tasty, the mint & lemon are perfect accompaniments and the sweetness of the molasses cuts through the saltiness of the haloumi.

Next up is the Potato & Rosemary Pizza. This is by far our favourite of the evening. The base is super thin & very crispy. The potato sliced thinly & the cheese does not overpower. Our only complaint would be that it needed more rosemary & a nice sprinkling of sea salt....then it would have been perfecto!

Following this are the Parmesan and Thyme Tartlets with red onion jam. These are basically mini quiches ( and I am not a huge fan of the quiche), the pastry is very crispy & the red onion jam sticky & sweet, but parmesan & thyme are sadly lacking. Good...but nothing special.

It hits 5 to 7 & we wonder if we can fit in dessert before the 7.30 start of the play. It is risky but we decide to go for it.

I go for Burnt Orange Panacotta with a Cardamon Tuile & Buggles for the Fig Pudding.

The panacotta is not remotely burnt, orange or is like the worst kind of rubbery 'creme caramel'...a real disappointment, because when it arrived it looked great.

This fig pudding was a warm pudding served with a vanilla icecream and a caramel sauce...that's it really....once again very underwhelming.
Would we go again? Maybe.


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leona @ pigged-out said...

I LOVEEE haloumi cheese!!! has to be one of my favourite cheeses!

Shame the desserts weren't that great. I always feel incomplete the desserts don't live up...I guess we always expect desserts to finish off on a high note.

Simon Leong said...

this place has been recommended to me so it's great to see what you had. i'm tempted to check it out. :-)