Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review : The Moose Newtown

530 King Street

Tue to Fri 5pm - 11pm
Sat 3pm - 11pm

Sun 3pm - 10pm

The Moose sits on our favourite end of King Street, the St Peters end, just near Alice Street.

Let’s start by saying that ‘The Moose’ is very small, more calf than moose really.
There are but a few tables strewn around the substantial bar.
But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with the well thought out wine, cocktail & beer list and the really tasty grazing plates.

It is early Tuesday evening, so we have no problem securing a comfy table out front overlooking King Street.

I think about ordering a beer, but am quickly convinced by Buggles that a cocktail might be more appropriate. Arm twisted, I order a ‘Clockwork Orange’ & Buggles a ‘WooWoo’…both are excellent, not too sweet, but still tangy & fruity.

We start our evening ‘graze’ with the warmed marinated olives and the artichoke & spinach dip.
The olives, both green and black are plump, meaty and delicious; it is a very generous serve as is that of the dip, a lush mound of just warmed through artichoke & spinach, served with super crunchy corn chips, it is so good.

The mushrooms stuffed with feta & parmesan are superb, the slight saltiness of the creamy cheese filling melds beautifully with the earthy mushrooms….there is also just a hint of sweetness.

Grilled haloumi is served with bread, diced tomato and lemon. Not much to say really, it is haloumi grilled perfectly and abounding in (not too) salty nourishment.

Just before the arrival of our cheese platter it is time for another round of the same - thankyou!

The platter when it arrives, is thankfully not too large. The three cheeses include a magnificently mouldy blue, a rich cheddar & a slightly oozing brie; the accompaniments are bread, crispbread and dried fruit. This is a nice end to a very relaxed dining experience.

Service is fast, friendly & chatty and really suits the mood of the place.

Interestingly (and I say this because the place is so small), they have live music on certain nights of the week.

We are loving that places like this are popping up around Newtown. The Moose, along with Bloodwood are two very welcome additions to the Newtown dining scene.

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Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

I love the Moose for a casual Sat night. Also a big fan of their cheese platter!

john@heneedsfood said...

I think Lou Jacks may be jumping onto the bar bandwagon with its recent liquor licence. The Moose is a nice little place to just sit back & hang for a while. Sometimes its even hard to get a seat!