Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review : Bootleg Bar

175 Victoria Street
Potts Point
02 93613884

Tues - Wed: 16:00 - 23:00

Thurs - Sat: 16:00 - 01:00
Sun - 16:00 - 23:00

Victoria Street was home to me for a good 5 years, I loved living in Potts Point and always love to return.

Brunch is becoming a Buggles and Squeak favourite, so when 'Janice' left a comment on our blog suggesting we try Bootleg Bar, well it seemed a case of killing two birds with one stone.

Just down the road from Kings Cross station & next door to Soho Bar, Bootleg is a smallish bar with a New York sensibility.

We grab a booth at the back and check out the extensive brunch menu. It is almost impossible to decide what to order, the menu is littered with so many Buggles and Squeak favourites. How do you choose between the Pulled Pork Rib Sandwich, Mac n Cheeses, Steak Tartare, The Reuben, Steak & Eggs or the Open Meatball Sub??? It is near impossible.

Finally, and mainly because the onion rings sway us, we decide on the Meatball Sub & the Reuben.

The Sub that is placed before Buggles looks amazing. She is in heaven. The sauce is rich & full of fresh tomato flavour, the meatballs are excellent with a nice blend of herbs & the whole lot is topped with oozy mozzarella. The bread roll is soft & perfect for this magnificent Sub!

My Reuben is HUGE. The corned beef is sliced thinner than on some other Reubens I have tried & I have to say this is my preference. The beef is tender and wonderfully spiced and while it may be sliced thinner, there is quite a lot of it. The saukerkraut is not too acidic & the thin ribbons of pickle are really delicious. I could do with some more dressing, but on the whole this ranks as one of my favorite Reubens.

The side of fries are great & the onion rings are spectacular....some of the best we've had.

To accompany our meals we each order a Brooklyn Egg Cream, Buggles went with Kahlua and I with Bourbon. So very, very good.

We absolutely LOVE Bootleg Bar, we feel it truly does have the BEST brunch menu in Sydney.

To top off the wonderful food, service is affable & relaxed and just makes the experience that much better.

Next time it's the Mac N Cheeses....

** No longer open for brunch!

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Janice said...

Awesome. Bootleg does rock. Glad to hear you checked it out & liked it. My rationale behind eating out for breakfast is that it should provide an added bonus to whatever storm you can cook up at home on the weekend. Poached eggs & sourdough are easy... meatballs and a reuben don't tend to be top of the ingredient shopping list or as refrigerator components at 11am on a Saturday morning. And knowing that the option is brunch makes enjoying the weekend morning/midday even more. Hasta pronto!

Mel said...

I'd been keen to try the egg cream too after seeing it on Masterchef - I'm going to hold off tho and try the real deal in NYC later in the year.

john@heneedsfood said...

Looks like I have another Reuben to try! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not sure how long this has been the case but the Bootleg Bar no longer does brunch (went there today and discovered this) ...

Buggles and Squeak said...

@anonymous - thanks for the update... bummer about brunch!