Monday, August 29, 2011

Review : Chiswick Pizzeria Ristorante

3b-45 Blackwall Point Road

02 9712 1274


So it is Saturday night, but not any Saturday night, this one finds us in a suburb we have not previously visited.....Chiswick.

There is no question that Buggles and Squeak love our fine dining, but we also love our comfort food...a lot.
Take our regular visits to Riccardo's and the
Pastizzi Cafe for example.

Chiswick Pizzeria Ristorante, sits on Blackwall Point Road, nestled between Abbotsford and Five Dock Bays, the view is quite impressive.

The restaurant this evening is positively buzzing, it is clear to see that it is very popular with local families.

Once seated we crack open a bottle of Pinot Gris and set about deciding what to order.
Then menu is extensive to say the least and contains many favourites: Seafood including garlic prawns, calamari & octopus barese; pastas carbonara, marinara, & bolognese (to name but a few); a variety of pizzas and also veal, chicken & steak dishes.

We have a tough time choosing what to order, so sharing a few dishes seems like a good option.

We kick things of with a very delicious, very garlicky (just how we like it), Penne Carbonara. The pieces of bacon are abundant & wonderfully crispy, the penne perfectly 'al dente' and the combination of egg, parmesan and parsley nicely balanced. A lovely start.

Following on from this, is the New York Pizza....potato, rosemary and parmesan; could anything be simpler or more delicious?
The base is thin with a decent amount of 'charring' and is very crispy, in fact it held its 'crisp' to the very end, which we have found to not always be the case with other pizzas we have sampled.
The topping is suitably delicious with just the right amount of rosemary so as not to overpower. A very light sprinkling of Murray River Pink Salt, would take this pizza to the next level. All in all though, fantastic.
Jorge has a real handle on the 'art' that is pizza.

Veal Funghi is another classic, beautifully realised. The veal is incredibly tender, the sauce is rich and creamy and packed full of earthy mushrooms, the accompanying vegetables are fresh & tasty.

As always, we must end on a sweet note and when it is Italian, then it usually is Tiramisu. The portion size is huge. The coffee flavour is just right and it is not too heavy on the mascarpone, so it is quite light and not overly rich. It is the perfect finish.

It comes as no surprise to us that the food here is so good. Those familiar with the Pastizzi Cafe, Newtown, will immediately recognise 'Nonna's' comforting food. Pastizzi Cafe's loss is Chiswick Pizzeria's gain!

....And while on the subject of Nonna, it is her granddaughter Mariah that provides us with the excellent service we experience tonight. Her bubbly, enthusiastic banter is very refreshing and she handles the floor of this bustling restaurant with aplomb!

We are pretty impressed with Chiswick Pizzeria Ristorante and are sure to return when the mood for well cooked, homestyle Italian takes hold.

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**Buggles and Squeak dined as guests of Chiswick Pizzeria Ristorante. We extend our thanks to them.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love fine dining too but I also adore comfort food too and pizza is a great comfort food! The pizzas look lovely and simple :)

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I don't know exactly where Chiswick is either but it is near the harbour is it not? I love comfort Italian food!

Chiswick Pizzeria said...

Thanks guys for the lovely comments and hope to see you soon you are always welcome anytime to our house and I do call it our house because we put our hearts out on every plate that is served

Chiswick Pizzeria 3b-45 Blackwall Point Rd Chiswick 2046
02 9712 1274


emploding said...

Right around the corner from me, who knew! I'll be popping in for dinner sometime soon!