Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review : Cafe Morso

Lower Deck (west side), Jones Bay Wharf
Pirrama Road,

Pyrmont NSW 2009

Monday - Friday 7 to 4

Saturday - Sunday 8 to 3

Squeak and I decided to join some friends for an early Saturday breakfast at Cafe Morso based on our last visit, which was quite pleasant.  On this occasion we could not have been more disappointed. Despite the fact we had booked a table in advance we were given the table that probably sat the furthest from the views as possible. Service was aloof and disinterested.  This was most telling when it came to the food. At no point did anybody ask the question if we were happy with the food. It is probably lucky for them they didn't, as on the whole we were most certainly not happy. Squeak did the best with the Bacon and Egg Gnocchi which she found to be okay, M1 & M2 felt their breakfasts were average, but the creme de la creme came with my dish.  I opted for the Baked Bean and Ham hock cassoulet. This sounded delicious and flavoursome. On arrival it was a very 'grey' looking dish. The beans were undercooked and had literally no flavour whatsoever and the ham frankly tasted like it was possibly on the road to being bad. The best part about the dish was the chargrilled bread. I did not finish this dish - which, as most would know, is quite unheard of.
When the dishes were retrieved (largely unfinished) noone thought to enquire about our meals. I think this sums it all up.  We will not return, or recommend this place to anybody.

Read more for our earlier, more pleasant experience if you would still like to visit Cafe Morso.

It is Sunday morning and as such Buggles & Squeak would normally head to the wonderful Bar Mattino. This sunny winter's morn we decide we want to enjoy breakfast by the water....we head off to Cafe Morso.

Buggles and Squeak love Pyrmont, it is one of our top 5 'where we would love to live' suburbs, so a visit here is always lovely.
Cafe Morso sits within the Jones Bay Wharf, just down from Flying Fish.

When we arrived the cafe was fairly quiet & we decided (even though it is a tad cold) to sit outside & enjoy the view.

It is wonderful to imagine we live locally & have popped down for breakfast at the cafe that sits opposite where our boat is moored.

The menu is a little out of the ordinary with some of the following more interesting selections:
Orange pancakes with yoghurt, mixed berry compote and maple syrup;
Bacon and egg gnocchi with baby herbs and truffle oil;
Pain Perdu – French toast with pear, ricotta, nuts and honey;
Borlotti bean and ham hock cassoulet with poached free range egg and grilled sourdough.

While tempted by most of the above, once I spot crushed potatoes with fresh herbs on the sides menu I realise I have to order something that will accompany the potatoes.
I decided on poached eggs, bacon & mushrooms to sit alongside the crushed potatoes.

When my breakfast arrived I was a little disappointed that the crushed potatoes were more like a potato salad than something fried or baked. However, they were absolutely delicious & very moreish. The mushrooms & bacon were very smoky which I really enjoyed & the eggs nicely poached & oozy.

Buggles ordered the Potato, dill and Spanish onion pancake with house cured salmon, watercress, lemon créme fraiche and fried egg.
I tasted the pancake & it was very good, it was kind of crispy outside but very mushy could really taste the dill & onion.
Buggles thought her breakfast was nice, but that it needed a greater variety of texture. She enjoyed the flavours however, particularly the lemon créme fraiche.

We will return to Cafe Morso as there is much more of the menu to explore. Also nothing beats sitting by the harbour on a brisk Sunday morning.


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