Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review : Riccardo's Pizza Restaurant

26 Station St Wentworthville 

Open Tue-Sun 5pm-10pm
Riccardo's has long been the 'restaurant' of choice when Buggles & Squeak visit family in Sydney's west. Tonight we were here with my mum.
As much as Buggles & Squeak enjoy our fine dining, on occasion we do have a hankering for more simple fare. Riccardo's fits the bill perfectly.

Riccardo's is one of those little local restaurants that every suburb should have.
They offer the kind of food that is hearty & generous & doesn't break the bank.

The menu is extensive with a huge selection of pizzas, pastas, meat & seafood dishes.

Most of the pizzas on offer are the usual suspects...Supreme, Napoli, Australian, Vegetarian, get the picture.

The same can be said for the pastas & other dishes, they run the gamut from Boscaiola to Diane.

Tonight as always, we started with the garlic & cheese pizza shared between the 3 of us. We love this pizza...very garlicky, very cheesy as it should be. The base is nice & thin as well.

Buggles tonight ordered the Four Seasons pizza (prawns, ham, mushroom & pepperoni) a new one for her I believe. The toppings are generous but not over the top & the base is perfectly can't ask for more than that & Buggles doesn't....she just enjoys.

Mum went for her usual, the Capricciosa (ham, anchovies, olives, capsicum)...if it has olives & anchovies Mum's there, so this is always a winner with her. As usual though, she ordered more than she could eat, so she had half a pizza to take home with her. While mum will admit the pizza here is not a patch on Hugo's, she enjoys it nonetheless.

I went for my old Riccardo's favourite....the Steak Diane. This is a dish that never lets me down (unlike the Australian voting public), tonight is no different...the meat was tender, the sauce creamy, garlicky & abundant & the vegies cooked to perfection retaining their much desired crunch. I am satisfied.

When it comes to dessert we tend to order two tiramisu's to share between the 3 of us....and we did so again tonight. This arrangement works out well for me as I share one tiramisu with Buggles & one with mum, thus obtaining a whole!

The tiramisu here is really very good & tonight they seemed a little more liberal with the alcohol, so it was very nice indeed.

So all in all another good meal at Riccardo's.

For those living around the Parramatta/Merrylands/Greystanes areas, I highly recommend making the short trip to Wentworthville to enjoy the food at Riccardo's.


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Jasmin said...

I live on the Westmead/Wentworthville border for half of my week and I have often despaired of bad food that abounds - horrible Italian tat and rubbish Indian.
I saw this review and so The GD and I headed in to give it a go and you can be sure we'll be going back again and again. Fantastic pizza and amazing service from genuinely lovely people.

Thanks so much for posting this and helping us to find somewhere in our area that we can actually eat out at!

Unknown said...

Where did they go???
Was reg ular customer of ricardo's was away for a 6-8 weeks was gpoing to go there for dinner and found they were closed??
Does anyone know if they moved or what happened??