Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review : Four in Hand (Bar)

150 Sutherland Street
Paddington 2021

02 9326 2254

From Midday 7 days

The Four in Hand Bar menu has been on our hit list ever since we heard about their Sunday Roast.

Finally, on this lazy Sunday afternoon we decide to make the trip to Paddington and see what the bar has to offer.

Arriving at around 11.50am we can already see people milling about waiting for the pub to open....we are glad we got here early!
The doors open & we manage to claim a table by the window. Before long most of the tables are taken & the only seating available is around the bar. This is one popular spot.

The menu is quite extensive & really does contain something for everyone.

Orders are placed at the bar, so along with our food we order a couple of beers, sit back & relax.

First up for Buggles is the Pig's Tail with Celeriac Remoulade. Having sampled the pig's tail in the restaurant a while back, Buggles is really looking forward to it.

The presentation is quite different here. The tail (bone included), is crumbed & fried. The meat however is still pull apart tender & delicious. It is quite a generous serve for such a rich dish. The Celeriac Remoulade is fresh & crunchy with a very tasty dressing.

I love bone marrow so am instantly drawn to Roast Bone Marrow With Celeriac Remoulade and Grilled Bread. However, today at midday, I just don't think I am up for something quite so rich and indulgent.

Instead I opt for Aged 18 month Prosciutto (40g) With Sourdough Croutons. The sourdough croutons are to die for, they taste as though they have been dipped in olive oil & fried; they are perfect on their own...however, when wrapped in the lush prosciutto they are stupendous!

Much had been said about the Four's burger and Buggles feels she must give it a go.
She is not disappointed. The beef patty is thick, juicy and full of really packs a punch. The grilled onions are fantastic as is the oozy cheese. She finds the accompanying chips good, but not great.

I love a Bavette...I find it to be a very flavoursome piece of meat. So the Wagyu Grade 6 Bavette with Chips and Café de Paris Butter, has my name written all over it. When it arrives it does not disappoint. Perfectly cooked, beautifully flavoured & topped with an abundance of the spicy is heaven on a plate (or in the case, board). Unlike Buggles I find the chips to be delicious & perfect for soaking up the golden butter.

We also sample a very nice Iceberg & Radish Salad With Salad Cream. Very good indeed.

As always the idea of dessert does cross our mind, but with the generous portion, this is NOT an option.

We leave content & ready for an afternoon of lazing about while watching some trashy TV.

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Dumpling Girl said...

Been meaning to come here for ages, will definitely have to pen this in soon. I'll make sure not to eat too much, so I can fit in dessert :)