Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: Baroque

88 George Street (cnr Hickson Rd)
The Rocks, Sydney

Mon-Sat: Midday - late
Sun: Midday - 4:30pm

I love a macaron. Who doesn't? Squeak loves French fare. Who doesn't? It seems only natural that we should find oursleves lunching at Baroque Bistro one fair Saturday. We have been desirous of dining here for some time, but just hadn't quite got around to it, but finally we bit the bullet, and before we know it are seated in the open, busy and industrial inspired space that is Baroque with glasses of Prosecco in hand.

Squeak decides to start with the Poached Hen's egg with speck, mushroom and a burgandy glaze. This comes served with brioche which is very light and airy and there is a foam, which doesn't really taste of anything though. The yolk however is deliociously runny and the mushrooms add the expected earthy flavour. Overall, an enjoyable and promising start.

I order the Charcuterie Plate which comes with pate, rilette, cournichons, salami, prosciutto as well as some pickled 'things' which cut through all of that rich meat. This is a very tasty start, although I will say that the homemade rilette and pate from Janette at The Larder still wins hands down!

Squeak is spoiled for choice on this occasion with a couple of beef dishes mooing her name! She ultimately chooses the Flank steak with triple cooked chips, watercress and a bearnaise suace.  All of these elements have her name printed all over them. The bearnaise isn't as fully flavoured as she likes, despite there being an abundance of it, and the watercress really seems more like a paste of some sort, which doesn't really enhance the dish. The steak however isdelicious, as are the triple cooked chips.  I know first hand, as I neede to sustain myself on them due to the horror that is my dish!

We order the broccoli with almonds as a side, and the broccoli is submerged in water, and is ultimately a little flavourless. As my main, I order the dish that Squeak had decided against (oh, and how she dodged a bullet there!) - Beef cheek with roasted parsnips and other things that I either cannot remember, or I have deliberately blocked out. All I can say is that there is some kind of vanilla involvement which, frankly, should have said something to begin with. There is little I can say, other than it is very unpleasant. I certainly didn't finish eating it (which is almost unheard of!) and still now, my mouth involuntarily starts to form itself into a grimace when I think about it. I don't think more needs to be said - except that nobody asked if the meal was alright when they took my half eaten meal away. Hmmm...

Redemption is needed, as I am feeling mighty depressed at this stage. And, oh how sweet the redemption turns out to be with the shared dessert platter. OMG!

There are salted caramel macarons, pistachio macarons, jasmine macarons, raspberry cheesecake, a white chocolate mousse, tiramisu, a salted caramel dome, raspberry jelly, pineapple jelly, some chocolate lace work and a rather delicous pistachio crumb.  I'm not sure that I need to say anything here, except that these macarons may have converted Squeak. All things salted caramel instantly work and the jellies are delicous. Not to mention how beautifully it is presented. This is needed for me. I have to leave Baroque feeling that their reputation is deserved. I didn't want to leave only remembring the dish that must not be named again! Squeak leaves with thoughts of rich, runny yolks, triple cooked chips and salted caramels while I must remember the generosity of the charcuterie and the beautiful dessert we shared at the end.  Will we return?
Maybe for dessert.
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Mel said...

What a pity your main was disappointing. I loved our meal here - I had the steak with triple cooked fries which was OMG so good. That dessert plater blew my mind when they brought it to our table.

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

It's always disappointing when a dish leaves a bad taste in your mouth..literally!

I have only tried the opulent desserts at baroque and that's what keeps me coming back!