Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review : Platform 7 (Redux) - CLOSED

4 Burrows Avenue

(Opposite Sydenham Station)

Monday - Sunday 5.30am - 8.00pm

Platform 7 is now full service cafe.
Of course it was time for Buggles & Squeak to pay another visit.

On this cold election day morn, we decided to pop over to Platform 7 after casting our vote.

On arrival we were immediately drawn to the blackboard & the morning's offerings. Ricotta pancakes, with bacon & maple syrup caught Buggles' eye & I was drawn to the P7 breakfast (fried eggs, bacon, potato, tomato, mushrooms, sourdough toast) we order one of each. If that didn't seem like enough food, Buggles ordered a side of banana to go with her pancakes & I ordered a side of fried haloumi.
We also ordered a cappuccino & a flat white. The coffee at Platform 7 is really very good...not burnt or bitter, just well brewed organic, fair trade coffee.

It is not too long before our breakfasts arrive, and to say the serve was generous would be an understatement.

My P7 breakfast has lashings of bacon & loads of potato, on initial inspection I thought there was no way I could finish it....especially when the side of haloumi arrived (about 6 thick slices of cheese!)...however, I then remembered, I am Squeak - of course I can finish it. 

The first thing I noticed on tucking into my breakfast is that the eggs, though well cooked, were a little on the cold side & that the haloumi was quite rubbery, it didn't have the soft ooze of haloumi just out of the frypan. All in all though the breakfast was quite good, generous & satisfying.

The Ricotta Pancakes were also quite generous, two thick pancakes. a stack of bacon, maple syrup on the plate & on the side (always a great option) & a largish bowl of fresh sliced banana.
The pancakes too, were lukewarm & weren't as light & fluffy as other ricotta pancakes we have sampled. We are not sure if they were buckwheat pancakes as they were a little darker, heavier & denser. Overall however, it tasted good & was very satisfying.

As mentioned in our previous review, Platform 7 also carries a vast array of cakes & sandwiches which are quite delicious.

We are very happy to have this cafe close to home. The relatively minor complaints mentioned here are possibly only teething problems & we hope Platform 7 continues to go from strength to strength.
We will certainly return.


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