Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review : Bar Mattino - The Update

96 Abercrombie Street

Mon-Fri 6.30am-5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 7.30am-4pm

After a very late night (for us anyway) & perhaps a little too much drinking (ditto), we are very much looking forward to our Bar Mattino breakfast. We arrive later than usual & the place is packed (is word getting out about how brilliant this cafe really is?)... however, we don't mind waiting for a table, when breakfast is this good, (as our previous posts about Bar Mattino testify!) This morning we both decide to forgo our usual order of Welsh Rarebit.... we decide to mix it up a little....go a little crazy.

I have been craving the Sunday special of Eggs Benedict for a while now so the choice is pretty obvious for me. Usually served with ham or smoked salmon, I decide to substitute this for bacon, add to that a potato roesti and I'm sorted.
The eggs are poached perfectly, a gentle prod releases the lush, slow oozing yolk; the bacon is crisp & delicious, the hollandaise spectacular & not too acidic. The roesti has been had before, but today it is particularly divine, topped with beautifully caramelised, subtly sweet onions.

Buggles orders the Sausage & Onion roll served with HP sauce. This hits the spot. No nasty gristly bits here - just plump, juicy, meaty sausages, topped with those delicious caramelised onions and dripping with the spicy fruitiness of the HP sauce. She chooses to supplement this with the potato roesti also - which is lucky, as I am not giving any of mine away! Sensational....enough said!

Mention needs to be made of the cool & refreshing Black iced tea with honey & lemon...perfect on this hot Sunday morning.

Service, as always, is efficient & very friendly....with this and the wonderful, generous meals, it is no wonder we find Bar Mattino simply too good to refuse.
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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Look at that bacon and onion roll!

Buggles and Squeak said...

Was tops indeed!

Anonymous said...

do you guys own Bar Mattino as it is becoming more and more obvious from your blogs and reviews that you MUST have some connection to this cafe as you do nothing but praise it and compare every cafe you mention to it and always give Bar Mattino the upper hand, come on guys be a bit more transparent as we can see right through you now. If Bar Mattino was so good the it would get the attention you keep saying it deserves, its such a shame that you bring down other cafes to try and elevate Bar Mattino. I'm not the only person that thinks so, other foodies think the same

Buggles and Squeak said...

As mentioned elsewhere on the blog...NO we do not own or have anything to do with Bar Mattino. So there you have it,transparency. Bar Mattino is a great cafe that we happen to enjoy very much & if we come across another cafe that isn't as good, then yes, we may say so. It is not our intention to bring other cafes down and frankly you probably give us far too much credit in thinking we are able to do so. We praise Bar Mattino because it is VERY good.
Also, I very much doubt that other 'foodies' are losing sleep over the fact that WE happen to like a particular cafe.
Clearly you are someone who for some reason or other has a gripe with us & what we write.
If our blog reeks of bias to you or any other 'foodie', then as I have said before, there are PLENTY of other blogs you can read.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this cafe !! It rightfully deserves all the praise ....yum yum yum what more can I say Bon appetit!!