Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review : the pie tin

1 Brown Street

Monday-Wednesday 8am-6pm
Thursday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 9am-4pm

Pretty Dog has moved down the road and the pie tin has taken up residence in the tiny terrace on the corner behind Clem's.

It is no secret that I have a massive fear of pie gristle, but after sampling some of the pie tin's sweet offerings, I decide that perhaps I can take a chance & indulge in some of their savoury pies. It doesn't take much to convince Buggles, she loves a pie - gristle or not!

The cafe is larger than it looks from outside, with a big communal table in the centre & a couple of smaller tables along the wall. The space is clean, light & airy, with exposed brick walls. Very nice.

We both decide to order a pie & chips.

Buggles, who is a huge fan of the 'pulled pork' sandwich, decides on the Southern Style, slow roasted shredded pork pie with apple & BBQ sauce.
The pie is packed full of moist, tender pork. It terms of flavour it is very good, but lacking a little punch 'sauce wise'; the apple however, does come through and adds some sweetness to the pie. The pastry top is flaky, but you can tell these pies are designed to be eaten by hand as the base is quite thick & consequently a little dry. All up a great pie that Buggles enjoys.

Putting fear aside I order the Beef and dark ale pie with potato top. From the first bite I am a little disappointed. I am expecting melt in the mouth beef, sitting within a thick, rich and lush gravy.....alas it is not to be. The pie does have great flavour, no denying....but the small dice of steak is a little chewy, though thankfully, not gristly. It could also do with a bit more gravy.
I know it is just personal taste, but I guess I just prefer a pie where the meat has been slow cooked & melts in the mouth.

The accompanying chunky chips with cheese sauce are very good, although more than one ladle of cheese sauce is needed....the sauce however, is quite delicious.

Other pie choices include : Butter Chicken, Morroccan Lamb with chickpea and cumin, Vegetable Korma and Mushroom Stroganoff.... as well as sausage rolls & quiches. Sides to add to the pies include: mushy peas, mashed potato/sweet potato as well as a few salads.
So pretty much something for everyone.

They are also the only Sydney cafe grinding Mark Ryan's Eureka Coffee.

We decide to skip dessert & instead take home a slice of Snickers Pie (chocolate, peanut butter, rich buttery crust = HEAVEN ON A PLATE) and a slice of Lime Pie (creamy, lush, abundantly citrusy......spectacular!)

Newtown is increasingly diversifying its range of food destinations and, while the pie tin didn't tick every box for us, we are keen to return to sample more of their range.

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Ooohh, shredded pork pie. Mmmm. Love the name Pie Tin too, so very Newtown. :-)

chocolatesuze said...

oh wow the pork pie looks fantastic!

Jen said...

The pork pie sounds delicious! Love the classic combo of pork and apple.
This is close to home so good to know for winter.