Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Strawberry X Cafe

Shop 1a
23-33 Mary Street
Surry Hills

9280 1161

Mon - Sat: 7am - 4:30pm

So it's one of those glorious Monday mornings when you are on holidays and wake up to a beautiful Autumn's day after a bit of a lie in - luxuriating in the fact that you don't have to go to work today. After this deliciously lazy lead in to the week Squeak and I decide to amble on to Strawberry X cafe in Surry Hills for a spot of breakfast.

We've never been to Strawberry X before, but it's a spot we've spied before whilst trawling around the backstreets of Surry hills searching for parking in the past.  It's quite funky looking from the outside and the inside decor has been done well too. Rich chocolate browns with vibrant reds and a variety of small tables as well as large communal ones. It's clearly a popular spot for the variety of people who work in the area. If there is one small criticism to be made regarding the decor it is that it is perhaps now a little tired and worn around the edges. 

There are a few menu options that speak to me (ie. spicy chorizo sausage with fried eggs and onion jam, sweet corn fritters etc) but Squeak opts for a tried and true favourite of Eggs Benedict while I decide to go for the Bubble and Squeak (how could I resist??)

The Eggs Benedict looks good when it arrives - crispy bacon, bright green asparagus and spinach accompanied by a decent amount of hollandaise. Upon closer inspection however Squeak is left quite disappointed. There is very little bacon or spinach actually there (especially with a $16 price tag) and the eggs are quite overcooked. There is none of that luscious yolk to ooze out and over the toasted muffin. This is a shame as Squeak finds the hollandaise sauce, which is made on the premises, quite delicious.

My Bubble & Squeak comes with bacon and wilted rocket and a balsamic glaze.  When it arrives I am informed that the chef is actually from Yorkshire so enjoys whipping up British delights such as the Bubble & Squeak. This does sound promising.  The serve of mashed, mixed and fried up vegetables in the bubble and squeak is tasty and goes nicely with the bacon (which is quite abundant on mine!), but there just seems to be a little something missing - and I wonder if it is salt and maybe HP sauce?? The Balsamic glaze doesn't work for me here. The breakfast is not bad and certainly fills the hole that had been widening since my sleep in, but it doesn't bowl me over - and Squeak feels a little let down by her Benedict.

The OJ's wash everything down and the coffees are a welcome caffeine hit as we browse over some vintage Australian Gourmet Traveller mags before meandering home.
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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

You ordered bubble and squeak? LOL
I suppose the cafe's name would indicate it's close to the Strawberry Hills part of Surry Hills?