Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review : Zinc

77 Macleay Street
Potts Point


Mon to Fri 7am - Noon
Sat 7am - 3pm
Sun 8am - 3pm

Mon to Sun Noon - 3pm

Tue to Sat 6:30pm - 10pm

The bellies are calling out for sustenance, they don't care that it is Anzac Day & that it is raining. Buggles and Squeak must heed the call.

We're not sure what will be open today or what we feel like eating, but decide that heading to Potts Point is probably a safe bet.  
As we drive down Macleay Street we notice a rare parking spot right outside Zinc....decision made! 

The cafe is really busy, but thankfully we manage to grab a table inside. The space is large with lots of seating inside & out.

The menu looks very promising and includes: Muesli Poached Peach or Rhubarb w/ Yoghurt, Corned Beef Hash with Fried Egg, Buttermilk Pancakes, Sausage Sandwich, Eggs n Beans, Omelette etc.

The Corned Beef Hash has my name written all over it & after her very successful Sausage Sandwich adventures at Bar Mattino, Buggles decides to give the Zinc version a go.

The Sausage Sandwich is ok, the sausages are a little bland, not as thick, meaty and flavoursome as the Bar Mattino variety. The red pepper relish does lift it a little, but on the whole Buggles is unimpressed. The side of mushroom is tasty, but $3.85 for one mushroom is a bit rich, isn't it?

The Corned Beef Hash is another story altogether. The mix of corned beef, potato, onions & peas, fried until golden & crispy is truly divine. The yolk of the perfectly fried egg, oozes into the hash with spectacular results. The serve is generous and definitely a dish worth returning for. I love it.

We wash all this down with two fairly decent coffees and a fresh OJ.

The service is brisk and relatively friendly.

If it weren't for the Corned Beef Hash, we may never return, but that one dish alone is certainly worth the trip.


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john@heneedsfood said...

The corned beef hash sounds divine! I've often wondered about this place

Anonymous said...

Do you own or have some interest in Bar Mattino?

You seem to compare it a lot and mention it in every opportunity, not just here in your blog but on many other blogs and food review sites.

You always have a bad experience at places you review and compare it with a a glowing one of Bar Mattino, I think people are o to you....

Your reviews stink of bias

Buggles and Squeak said...


Absolutely no connection to, nor 'interest' in, Bar Mattino.
We love Bar Mattino & think it is one of the best cafes in Sydney. They have a great & diverse menu, the food is well cooked & generous & the staff are professional & friendly, you can't ask for more than that.

We have often stated that we judge all other cafes against Bar Mattino, even more so if we sample a similar dish.

And yes, if someone is posting on another blog about the 'Welsh rarebit' at another cafe, then we feel we can comment & say we prefer Bar Mattino's (if we have tried both, of course).

I wasn't aware that we only had bad experiences everywhere else we ate. We are just honest about "OUR" experience.

We like quite a lot of other cafes...fouratefive, digi.kaf, clipper, danks street depot, brasserie bread, Pickwick's and yes, even Zinc!

So, if our reviews stink of bias to you, so be it. There are plently of other food blogs out there for you to read.

Oh and before you we don't have any connection to, nor 'interest' in, the The Bentley either.

kitty said...

i have to say that i can tell that you guys do love Bar Mattino, but I guess I just assumed that was because you loved the food - not because you are biased against anyone else. I'm pretty sure I recall you saying good things about Cafe Sopra and Brasserie Bread as well.... anyway I like the stuff you write... people just need to remember that a food blog is just someone's opinion.