Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review : The Green Room Lounge

156 Enmore Road Enmore
8021 8451

Tues-Thur 5pm-midnight
Fri 5pm-1am  
Sat 2pm-1am
Sun 2pm-10pm

We are wandering down Enmore Rd (prior to Jennifer Coolidge), looking for a bite to eat & perhaps a drink or two.

Thanks to a prior visit we now know that Pickwick's is out.

As we pass the myriad of Thai, Indian & Turkish restaurants we spot a sign that reads 'The Green Room Lounge'.

Intrigued we peer in, looking beyond the Twin Peaks-esque red curtains to spy a very funky, 1950's styled lounge/bar.

It is fairly early so there are only a few tables occupied, folks out for a pre dinner drink. We find a small table for two in a dark corner (doesn't make for great photos) & sink into the comfy, retro armchairs. We love it immediately.

Perusing the extensive drinks menu (local wines, boutique beers & ciders, cocktails), we order a carafe of Enmore Road Tea Punch ($25)...a wonderful concoction of Licor 43, rum, pink grapefriut & a spicy house made syrup. Refreshing & quite boozy.

The food menu pretty much consists of a cheese platter with accompaniments (you can choose between 1-3 cheeses) and a very interesting range of toasties.

We decide on a three cheese platter which tonight includes a Tarago River Blue, an Old Telegraph Road Triple Cream White brie and a Trinity Cellars Victorian Cheddar. Delicious.

Still feeling ever so slightly peckish, we share a prosciutto, mozzarella & fig jam toastie. This is very good & the fig jam is a great addition.

So all up we are pretty impressed with The Green Room Lounge & we look forward to visiting again very soon.
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Dumpling Girl said...

I love a good toastie. Looks like a nice spot for a simple but nice feed.

Buggles and Squeak said...

@Dumpling really is a great little spot. A really good wine & cocktail list & some quite imaginative toastie fillings (there is a four cheese one that sounds divine). We are sure to return.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

I'm predicting that the toastie is the next big thing - cheese and bread FTW!