Friday, June 24, 2011

Review : Pitt St Diner

96 Pitt Street Redfern

Breakfast & Lunch

I love Redfern. I have lived in Redfern on & off over the years, before finally settling in the Inner West about 10 years ago.

Talk of Redfern's 'transformation' has been ongoing.... finally though, things seem to be chugging along.

We return to 'the Fern' this Sunday morning for a spot of breakfast at the relatively newly opened Pitt Street Diner.

We settle into this smallish cafe, order coffee & scan the menu. While not huge, the menu does contain a few of our old favourites such as: both Madame & Monsieur Croques, Corn Fritters, Bubble & Squeak, Boston Beans & Eggs in their many & varied forms.

Buggles decides on, what turns out to be, a rather pumpkin heavy Bubble & Squeak. As is her want, she also orders a side of sausage.

For all its pumpkin, the Bubble & Squeak is well seasoned & delicious (the eggplant component in particular), the haloumi that tops it is nice & flexible, the sausage on the other hand is a little anaemic & lacking in flavour.

I decide to go with the Croque Madame and as always substitute ham for bacon.
The croque arrives topped with two eggs (bonus!) and is good, the bacon is a little underdone for my taste, but such is life.

Pitt St Diner is also open for lunch (and soon for dinner, we hear), where they serve up salads such as Braised fennel, braised leek, olive oil, lentils, sultanas, rocket with poached chicken breast or a Smoky eggplant & haloumi; pot pies that might include: Lamb and Vegetable or Chicken & Leek. They also occasionally serve a 9 hour braised beef brisket, from a recipe courtesy Sean Moran...I have yet to try this, but have heard it is spectacular.

So it would seem that Redfern, has indeed moved on from the days when an innocent looking child, would walk past an open pub window & spit on your table while you were enjoying your dinner (yes, it really did happen).

Long live the new 'Fern'.....may she reign supreme!

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