Saturday, September 19, 2009

Review : Post Cafe

274a Marrickville Road Marrickville
NSW 2204

Mon - Fri 6am - 5pm

Sat - Sun 7am - 4pm

How do I start this review? Buggles & Squeak were after breakfast close to home, so we thought we would try Marrickville as opposed to our usual spots of Newtown, Surry Hills, Glebe etc. This as it turns out was a mistake.
We had been to the Post Cafe on other occasions & while the food was never spectacular, it wasn't awful....until today.

I don't know if there are new owners or a new cook... but something has changed & certainly not for the better.
We start off by each ordering a 'Chai Latte', the chai latte was quite good if a tad large.
I think however, I have had better at the Merrylands RSL Club...yes that's right it isn't all inner city cafes & fine dining for Buggles & Squeak!
 I then order the 'eggs benedict' with a side of bacon. This arrives lukewarm at best, the bacon bordering on cold. The hollandaise is a little heavy on the lemon & the best bit was probably the spinach (& how often can you say that???) although it was coldish. I had thought about ordering the 'Fruit Basket' and in hindsight should have.
Buggles orders some kind of 'Chorizo thing', chorizo mixed through scrambled eggs, sitting on top of a sweet potato roesti, with a capsicum sauce.

To me it looked rather unsavoury on sight & according to Buggles it tasted a lot worse than it looked.

The service is uninspired, as uninspired as I am writing this review.

Despite all this the Post is always crowded on weekends, this is testament to the fact that Marrickville is sadly lacking in decent cafes & that people are willing to put up with poor quality food so long as it is local.

Needless to say Buggles & Squeak did not finish their meals...and that does not happen often!

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siroled1 said...

This cafe is over priced, over rated, over crowded and - around Marrickville - just plain over. We paid $32 for two doughy, Luke warm pancakes and two cups of coffee. A very disappointing experiencing. It is a great shame that this "painted tart" of a cafe has come to be synomonous with the culinary reputation of Marrickville.

Anonymous said...

Your comment needs to be updated.
It is very old, 2009 ,and since then a lot has changed at the original Post cafe.
The coffee is now Campos and the food is fantastic. They are by far the busiest cafe in Marrickville and you need to check out why.

Anonymous said...

As anonymous said you need to update this blog and any comments that you control because this is one of the best cafes in Marrickville for food and coffee!!

Buggles and Squeak said...

"As anonymous said you need to update this blog and any comments that you control because this is one of the best cafes in Marrickville for food and coffee!!"

....according to you and the other anonymous, which is fine as we are all entitled to our opinion. Which is why I publish every comment rather than delete them - that way anyone reading is privy to what you think as well.
p.s have been back, remain unimpressed.