Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review : Don Vincenzo

301 Brunswick Street

Daily 7.15am-10.30pm

After settling into our North Fitzroy digs we decided to head out for some lunch. We hit Brunswick Street & finally settled upon Don Vincenzo.
It didn't look particularly appealing, but we were hungry & quite frankly didn't fancy walking the length of Brunswick Street.
However, perhaps we should have....

Don Vincenzo is of the Newtown/Glebe type of cafe.....grungy & a bit dirty looking, the type where you sometimes wonder if you will get food poisoning or not.

The menu also was pretty standard...foccacia, bacon & eggs, bruschetta, caesar get the idea, nothing remotely adventurous.

So in line with that I ordered the Eggs Benedict with bacon. You have to wonder how anyone can stuff up Eggs Benedict....I'll tell you how.  Stale, rock hard muffins, semi hard eggs & a fairly flavourless hollandaise. Pretty disgusting.

Buggles ordered some sort of Chicken foccacia and while the chicken was quite moist, the bread was quite heavy and dense. She did however enjoy her fresh apple juice.

All up, not a great first taste of what Fitzroy has to offer!

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Anonymous said...

There are very few places in Brunswick st that are worth eating in. Babka is one of the best for breakfast or lunch. Atomica has my favourite coffee in Melbourne, ok breakfast and lunch and some nice cake.
Penang Affair does really good Malaysian food and Ume does some nice Japanese. Madam Sousou does reasonable French food.

Buggles and Squeak said...

I have no doubt that there are many, many places in Brunswick street that are very good...unfortunately we stumbled upon this one.