Saturday, October 9, 2010

Review : Revolver

291 Annandale St

Mon to Sun 8am - 4pm
Annandale is one of those suburbs that has long appealed to Buggles & Squeak. We have had quite elaborate fantasy scenarios of the sort of house we would have there & how great it would be to be in walking distance of some of the great cafes on offer. Unfortunately, we will never be able to afford to live in Annandale, so we hop in the car & head over to Revolver for a late morning breakfast.
Revolver occupies what was once (I assume) an old corner store.
The fit out is warm & cosy with lots of brick & wood. This feel is enhanced by some of the gorgeous vintage chinaware and crockery items used for serving. 
On looking at the menu I decided on the the Big Breakfast....honey cured bacon, pork sausage, tomato, baked beans, baked eggs & mushrooms, served with a side of garlic pesto & a slice of sourdough.
The breakfast came served in the pan & was huge, but really no match for me. The bacon was well cooked, as were the eggs (still retaining a runny yolk), the sausages didn't contain any nasty gristly bits, which lets face it, makes or breaks a sausage. All up a very tasty breakfast, but I must admit it was a little too 'soupy' for me.
Another bonus is the fact that the eggs are organic & bacon & sausages etc are hormone & additive free.
To complement my breafast I ordered the Boost tea, which came with an egg timer so that you steep your tea for the appropriate length of time.
Buggles ordered the Hotcakes with fruit compote & maple ricotta (unusually she didn't order a side of bacon). The hotcakes were quite light with crispy edges, the fruit was generous & not too sweet & the maple ricotta was creamy & went perfectly with the rest of the dish. Buggles declared it an absolute winner. Buggles also thought my pork sausage was delicious.
The service was very good & friendly.
To sum it up, Revolver is a great little cafe, in a great little suburb, now....if only we were locals.
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