Friday, October 22, 2010

Review : Sweet Decandence at Locantro

87 Vincent Street
Daylesford, Victoria

Open 7 days 9.30am - 5.00pm

While walking the main strip of Daylesford, Buggles & Squeak spotted some plump looking scones in the window of Sweet Decadence at Locantro....we decided there & then that we would visit for breakfast the following morning......and so we did.

I was all set to order a serve of scones for myself, we were assured however that it was a big serve & that one between two would be enough.....and stupidly we listened.
One between two is not enough, let me assure you. 
The scones were reasonably good although they were served at room temperature, I like a warm to hot scone. The raspberry jam was delicious, very fruity & the cream was lush. 

Sweet Decadence also makes & sells its own chocolates....and let me just say, they should stop. We purchased( at $2.50 each....outrageous!) some for later & they were the blandest, driest things I have ever eaten.

So while I would recommend a stop in for some scones, I would say steer clear of the chocolates!


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