Saturday, October 9, 2010

Review : Platform 7 (Re-Redux) - CLOSED

4 Burrows Avenue
(opposite Sydenham Station)

Monday - Sunday 5.30am - 8.00pm

Buggles & Squeak were very excited to read the following on Platform 7's Facebook page;

"Platform 7 Cafe is proud to introduce our new chef Ned Thomson as our new head chef. Ned brings our menu to a whole new level! Try out his tender roasted pork belly with sweet potato mash served with a rocket, apple and caramelised onion salad!"

We couldn't wait to sample the goods on Ned's 'new menu'. We headed down for lunch Saturday afternoon.

However, as we attempted to place our order at the counter, things began to unravel.

 I had decided on the P7 Breakfast. We were told that the P7 Breakfast was available, but there was no potato roesti & no mushrooms. I then decided to switch my order to the pancakes, but was told they weren't available. So I was starting to ponder what I could in fact order.

Meanwhile....Buggles loves pork belly so she was very keen to try the dish so raved about on Facebook.....alas this was another dish "not available" as the chef cooks the pork belly & the chef wasn't working!!!!

Yes it would appear that on a Saturday when one would assume you would be at your busiest, Platform 7 had no chef!!! Angela the owner was the only member of staff working, taking orders & 'cooking' meals....until the gas bottle ran out!!

Platform 7 has been around long enough now to safely assume the bugs have been ironed out & the business should be running fairly efficiently.
We were stunned to find we couldn't order a single cooked meal & that the chef wasn't working on a Saturday.

We have no idea if the chef never works on a Saturday or if he couldn't work this particular wasn't explained to us.
However, it would have been better to close for the day than have customers unable to order any cooked meals, this left a very poor impression. Had we been first time customers, we would not return.

So this Saturday we left with empty bellies & with Angela looking much relieved that we were leaving without ordering (not that we could order anything anyway).

This was our third visit & because of this we are willing to give Platform 7 another go.
Still ...our second visit produced cooked meals that were cold & our third visit produced no cooked meals at all, so really we do wonder how many chances we can give this cafe.


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should stop trying so hard to please everyone's requests and just stick to what they're good at.