Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review : Marrickville Road Cafe

212 Marrickville Road



So the quest continued. Buggles and Squeak had once again decided to forgo our Sunday morning ritual of breakfast at Bar Mattino (and now occasionally fouratefive), to once again see what our local suburb, Marrickville, had to offer.
We had recently read quite a good review of Marrickville Road Cafe & wondered if finally there was a local that might just cut the mustard!

And so it was that Buggles and Squeak ventured to Marrickville Road in search of sustenance.

When we arrived the cafe wasn't too busy, just a few tables occupied. We grabbed a table inside & took a look at the menu.
Well... the first thing we noticed here, is that just like every other Marrickville cafe that has gone before it, not a skerrick of imagination has gone into the menu at Marrickville Road Cafe. That's right (yawn) another ho-hum stock standard bacon & eggs, eggs benedict get the picture.
With so many options to choose from (not), Buggles decides on fried eggs with a side of sausage & grilled haloumi...I went with eggs florentine also with a side of haloumi.

Buggles' breakfast consisted of two fried eggs, dry unbuttered toast, three mediocre sausages & what appeared to be 3 day old, rock hard, extremely salty, inedible haloumi. To be fair Buggles did say the eggs were quite good & the sausages ok, but the bone dry toast & the fossilised haloumi were an absolute disgrace. How a cafe could actually think it is ok to serve food like this is beyond us. The haloumi was so hard & dry that all that was left was the salt. Lot's wife had nothing on this haloumi!

 I didn't fare much better. My poached eggs were ok, there was a mere smattering of spinach on the florentine, the accompanying mushrooms were cold, dull & lacking any flavour at all. My side of Neolithic haloumi was on a par with Buggles's. The hollandaise was too sweet by far.

The results speak  for themselves!

We would really love to say that we have finally found a great cafe in Marrickville, but we can't. It looks like Buggles & Squeak, for the time being, will still have to make the trip to Chippendale & Surry Hills.

I remember an article written earlier this year titled "Arise Marrickville, the new Paddington"....not if this & the other cafes in Marrickville have anything to do with it.

Oh....and the most interesting thing about this cafe, is the mural on the wall.

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Greeneggsandham said...

I cant say I agree with the review. The quality of the brekkie may be one thing, but it's ridiculous to say the menu doesn't have variety. Maybe for suave inner city hipsters breakfast burritos are passé, but for me they're something different. The comment applied to marrickville generally also doesn't make a lot of sense, the new Delhi cafe across the road does a traditional Mexican breakfast with beef brisket for Christ sake, how ordinary is that?

In defense of marrickville rd cafe, their egg and vegie roll is absolutely the best snack in marrickville (both for price and taste), the staff are always super friendly and the coffee, although occasionally patchy, is generally excellent.

So hipsters, definitely worth jumping on your fixie and venturing out of surrey hills.

Stuart said...

Really this is great local cafe. Affordable, friendly staff, good coffee and if you're a cyclist, lots of bicycle parking and cyclist friendly owners. The breakfast burritos are indeed fabulous and I've never had a bad feed there. Maybe its just not cool enough for you two but I'd say this is one of best two cafes on the strip and really shines out down this end of Marrickville Rd.

Buggles and Squeak said... really isn't about the cafe not being 'cool' enough for us, the food really wasn't that good.

If you haven't had a bad feed there, that is great for you. We had a very bad feed there.

Unfortunately, first impressions count & if a cafe is prepared to serve cold,old & dry food, then they can't expect return custom.

We would love to find a cafe in marrickville that we could frequent often, based on our experience, this isn't it.

Alicia said...

I couldn't agree more. I find the food at MRC completely uninspiring, as I do every other cafe in Marrickville. As a long time resident of the suburb I can't help but wonder why someone hasn't opened something decent... There would be an absolute fortune in it.

Alicia said...

The one on the corner of Meeks rd and Marrickville rd (unsure of name) shows potential though... Great coffee, nice space, but just not really much food yet.

Tim said...

I also disagree with the review.

I've had nothing but good service, great coffee, and even better food.

For all of the blog's readers, I'd suggest go and try it for yourself. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the review, not friendly, glasses are dirty, food not tasty at all. I went 3 times and never had a smile. The only think I like is the wall painting

Anonymous said...

Agreed - the 5 times I have interrupted them with my custom have been unmemorable at most. Food takes forever (30 mins plus) and the service is a stinker. Better to eat a McDonald's breakfast - at least you'll get what the price dictates.